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Reach New Customers

Everyone could do with more customers these days. Sharing your goods on our website can help you reach new customers.

Earn Extra Money

Wouldn’t it be lovely if your small business could grow with minimum financial risk? Well, with us, it can.

Pay Only When You Sell

You will love this. You only pay a small processing fee when you sell your goods. So, no worries about being out of pocket. 


The more places you list your goods, the more places you get noticed and can communicate the message of your business.

We Are Investing

Our website is growing. And we are spending more on making sure that continues, with advertising and cutting edge online technology.

A Great Community

You will find being a part of the Partner Program will reap great rewards socially too, because we are a community of independent jewellers, just like you. 


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  • We are an independent jewellery maker, crafting unique hand made jewellery with
    love and care. 

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