How Did I Get Into Jewellery Well it all started at age of 5 for me my mom was a Geo Gemlogist a person who is really mad about stones and mom was the one who was  really into it in big way that I caught the bug of her to be come a Jeweller Thanks MOM. The Semi Presious Stones from all over the world. She would have stone tumblers they would go day and night for 12 months  polishing the stones mom would soon make into jewellery. I use to spend many a night sitting polishing stones she had put threw a tumbler in a yellow duster. It was then I would find out  some stones are soft stones some really hard stones like a diamond which can be used to cut into glass. Then id learn stones have 2 sides dull side and a shiny side and not all 2 stones are the same. The stones in the image I have shown are your Presious Birth Stones .