How to look after your Heart and Hand Caddagh Ring

If you have gold or sliver Heart and Hand Claddagh if they go tranished.

dont reach for slivo or brasso to clean them there is easier way.

Soap and Water yes thats what I said Soap and Water.

Useing the Anti Bacterial Handwash Soap and squrting some into the palm of your hand

Place the ring into the Liquid soap getting your fingers and rub the soap into the ring

use hot tap to swill the soap of then put more Liquid Soap in to the palm and gently rub the ring in the plams,

of your hand like your massageing it this helps to clean and polish the metal then wash it throughly under

The hot water tap.

Dry it on a towel and then once dried get a duster and give it a polish and it will gleam.