I had an Amazeing year with Davran Jeweller’s I really learnt alot about professional Jewllery.

Did Part Work and Part Collage it was alot like an apprenticeship and it was really intresting to watch how they made metal and rolled it out .

Also i made  rings and brooches in wax via  rubber squares  tempates. to soilder on to wax trees that would be put in a cylinder and then after wax rings and stuff were soildered to a tree then we fill it up with plaster paris and then left to go hard before they put gold into cylinders to melt away the wax to make rings and brooches in gold or sliver.

Then they break the plaster paris off and it leave rings in metal with shanks on the tree the rings be cut off with shanks on to put threw the heavey duty Polisihers. which polish the rings to standards reqiured then i would size the rings useing a ring size to get them ready to be sold